Atheist Teacher arrested for blasphemy in Pakistan

Junaid Hafees, a visiting teacher at a university and a member of the Pakistani Atheists and Agnostics group on facebook has been arrested in Multan, Pakistan. Students of the English department told media that Junaid Hafeez was using derogatory remarks about Prophet Muhammed and Allah.  A four member investigation committee found him guilty of “blasphemy” and denying the existence of Allah. His blog has also been hacked and a death threat posted.

This is my last warning to Hazrat Nakhuda. You should stop your indecent acts and your crimes against Islam, Humanity and Pakistan. Hazrat NaKhuda is the head of The Atheists in Pakistan. He is getting CIA funding to misguide the youth of Pakistan. I have given him several personal warnings but he did not mend his ways. Hazrat NaKhuda is a ‘Murtid’ and is converting many young Pakistani Muslims to Atheism by telling them lies about the Islam and the Prophet and by holding sex and drinking parties where he burns the Quran. Hazrat NaKhuda started an atheist movement in Pakistan and he was pushed forward by the Indian and American media. He was also supported by CIA backed Express Tribune.To witness the crimes of this coward go to

There is no doubt in my mind that in Islam the penalty for a Murtid is death, the penalty for calling names to the prophet is death, the penalty for burning the Quran is death. This is my last warning to Hazrat NaKhuda. you have 3 days mend your ways or a mard-e-mujahid like Mumtaz Qadri will be sent after you. Do not take this as a joke. You have no idea how powerful we are. We are very influential and we have dealt with many like you in the past. You will be pleased to know that we have some very high profile people and they have assured me of their support. In 3 days I will be personally announce a reward of 10 lac rupees to anyone who puts this swine to his end. And after that a lot of other powerful Islamic organizations in Pakistan will be announcing a reward for this persons death. Do not think you can hide behind a fake name, we are mujahids of Allahs, to us even rocks speak up and say there is a kafir behind me kill him

Source: South Punjab News